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Installation Guide - v2.2

  • For upgrade, Please Deactivate the feature and uninstall the solution.
  • This guide points to SharePoint 2010 & 2013.

1. Install WSP using Powershell: Deploy solution packages (SharePoint Server 2010)

2. Activate Features in "Web Application Features":
  • ULS Log Viewer
  • ULS Log Viewer Custom Error Page

3. Create new Secure Store Traget Application, For more help go to: Create or edit a Secure Store Target Application

Please create Target Application by this information:

Step 1:
  • Display name MUST be: "ULSLogViewer"
  • Application Type: "Group"

Step 2:

Step 3:
  • Enter "Domain users" to get once all SharePoint Administrators (You can create Security Group for only Developers\Site Managers and so on...)

Step 4:
  • Set User Account with administrator rights on every server in the farm (or just on ULS Log folder)

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