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Project Description

"ULS Log Viewer Feature" used by SharePoint Administrators, Developers and SharePoint Site Managers for getting easily the real error behind the Correlation ID.

This project based on Tom Van Gaever old solution called "SharePoint Correlation ID View Webpart".
The project passed tests and QA work, Memory leaks has been handled and I found it safe to use.

Screenshots: Click Here
Installation Guide: Documentation

This solution is written as a FreeCredit coding, I wrote it without inserting my name or any other information, Just clean code for your needs and a nicer reviewing experience!


  • 9.9.14 - 23:00 PM: This days working on new features and a major bug fix when trying to search you can get error about wrong log path, see you soon.
  • 3.2.14 - 8:00 PM: Version V2.2 Released, This is bug fixes version without any new features..
  • 28.1.14 - 4:00 PM: Found new bug on custom error page (JS Error) a fix will be released soon..
  • 7.1.14 - 4:00 PM: Version V2.1 Released, This is bug fixes version without any new features..
  • 5.1.14 - 1:00 PM: I got reports about 2 bugs that talks about permissions for using the UI (Site Admin Level), I'm on it and soon I will release a new version V2.1.
  • 26.11.13 - 12:03 PM: Version 2.0 has been released!
  • 22.11.13 - 1:27 PM: Just finished the final version V2.0, Real good one and I really hope that you will like it, the release will be in few days from now!


  • You can ask me for adding more languages, just ask for it on Discussion Page.
  • What's getting installed?
    • The solution include Custom Action (New action in Site Actions).
    • Replace the default error message (In separate feature - can be disabled).
  • Features:
    • Multi-Language SUPPORT! (English, Hebrew).
    • Works against Secure Store Service to use administrator rights for getting access to ULS Logs Path on farm servers (Use the guide for creating new SSA).
    • Load only the last log file from ULS log path.
    • Gets automatically the ULS log path from Central Administration.
    • Choose from which server to query from correlation ID.
    • Choose which Level to filler on.
    • Support Contain query for correlation ID (You don't need to enter\copy the full correlation ID).
    • Search correlation ID on all servers!
    • New version only for SharePoint 2013 (Compatibility Mode Version 15!)
    • New Custom Error Page that moves the Correlation ID to ULS Log Viewer Feature
    • Auto select the current server
    • Moving from Site Feature to Web Application Feature
    • More security information code (Double checks for site administrator rights)
    • Add more notes and information in source code
    • Only Site Administrators and above can see ULS Log Viewer Action from Site Actions

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